Reiki Helps Heart Surgery

On Friday, December 20, 2002, my 66-year old mother was rushed to the Emergency Room complaining of chest pain. When I arrived, she had received quite a bit of medication and being a Reiki Master my first instinct was to lay my hands on her. Mother has rejected Reiki in the past, but this time she absorbed it like a sponge and within seconds she began to calm down.

On Monday it was determined she had a blockage and the cardiologist was going to insert a stent. The doctor soon discovered the blockage was too severe, and the procedure sent her into cardiac arrest. She was rushed to emergency surgery, where she had a triple by-pass.

Later that evening her vital signs started to drop, she began losing large quantities of blood and was taken back in for a second emergency surgery. The doctors told us she might not make it as this was very high risk. I did Reiki throughout the procedure and once she was back to the Unit and stabilized I went home and did another Reiki session. This time, I asked for those in spirit to assist me and I "saw" my grandmother, uncle, and a great aunt and uncle, all relatives on my mother's side standing around her bed and sending healing energy.

The next day Mom was up and eating solid food. The nurses were astounded as they thought she would be there for quite some time. They moved her to a regular room on Christmas Day and she had two strokes. The family knew something was very wrong but the staff kept insisting it was the medication. After 36 hours, they finally decided we were right and she went back to the Critical Care Unit and was started on Heparin.

I sent out a request to my Reiki friends for help and Mom received quite a few distant healings. I truly believe Mom is alive and recovering nicely today because of all the Reiki. She has a bit of short-term memory loss but all things considered she is doing extremely well.

I have always known Reiki works because it changed my life but being human I sometimes hear the little voice in my head that makes me doubt. Just yesterday Mom informed me that on the night of her second surgery she saw those individuals I mentioned earlier standing around her and sending her love. She said she actually felt their love flowing into her body. That was validation enough for me as I had not told her about the Reiki.

My Mom has had a life filled with pain. From being severely abused and neglected as a child to entering into abusive relationships. She has always felt unworthy and lacked confidence. The outpouring of love she received has helped her heart heal. Through the art of Reiki I have been blessed with more time with my mother and for that I am most grateful.

Many blessings,