Reiki Helps Heal Hip Injury

Sometimes life provides a strange turn of events that flips our world upside down: It was just the simple act of holiday shopping the Friday before Thanksgiving... pulling a two-wheeled cart of goodies behind me toward the checkout line... getting the back of my shoe stuck under the cart... falling squarely on the lateral aspect of my hip, and landing full force on ceramic tile laid over slab concrete... the floor won.

Unable to move my right leg, I asked them to call 911. I knew I needed X-rays. I kept saying this can't be happening... after 3 challenging years of grad school and now I was just starting to build my acupuncture practice. I wanted to thrive! I knew there was a choice. I could sink into a funk over what life had tossed in my path or I could use my healing intention, giving myself Reiki in the store, ambulance and hospital.

I‘ve been a Reiki Master for eight years and have experienced my ability to speed my healing after injuries such as sprains, a burn or bruise. In one example, I used it when I severely sprained my ankle. By using Reiki right when it happened, I eliminated any pain or swelling. Afterward, I was able to walk on it without pain. I could’ve thought I really hadn’t injured it, except about 4 months later, my rolfer (giving me a deep tissue massage) asked if I'd sprained that same ankle when he found fascia built up around it.

At the hospital, X-rays showed that I'd fractured the right femur neck. I was in surgery by 6:00 PM, with a prognosis of the repair being anywhere from screws to hip replacement followed by three months of rehab. There was a hip specialist on call; he put a few screws in my femur, leaving only a one inch scar.

They gave me an IV with morphine-on-demand; I only used it in recovery. After, the nurses and docs were quite concerned that I wasn't using it (don't be brave); I had to reassure them that the pain was at the level of a dull toothache. I was open and honest when I explained that I was using Reiki; some were impassive, and others were politely interested. I recovered so quickly that they discharged me after two nights (four had been planned).

There's been no pain outside of tight muscles when I first stretched that hip/thigh out... and of course, I continue to use Reiki.

It’s two weeks from the date of my fall, everyone is amazed at my recovery. My PT has shown me how to use my cane on steps, with no restrictions other than taking it easy. Generally, I walk better without my cane than with it. It’s interesting that after surgery I was told to expect one to two weeks of inpatient rehab following my hospital stay.

In retrospect, I’ve learned that when Reiki is used at the time of injury, there’s less physical trauma, which leads to rapid healing. I don't have a bruise from my fall, or any swelling... there s no pain when I move from that hip, it just gets tired easily. Never, ever doubt the power of your healing intentions!