Reiki Helps Fix Battery Charger

Dear Mr. Rand: I am excited to tell you what happened to me today morning around 6.00 am Indian time. I have an inverter (UPS) connected to a battery. I heard a loud noise like click-click-click continuosly, non-stop. I went to the UPS to see what is wrong with it. UPS was on off position. I immediately thought of Reiki, and started giving Reiki to the Invertor (UPS) for about 30 minutes, and to add to my frustration, it was not working. I started getting upset and did not know what to do, and stated feeling that how can I face my students in my Reiki classes. To my surprise, my hand was guided to the Battery and to the battery terminal. To my surprise, I was guided to one of the terminal which was going to Inverter (UPS) and found it was cut-off from the Battery, that was the reason for the loud noise from the Inverter (UPS). I got it reconnected to the terminal and everything was normal. Immediately I gave in myself to Reiki and did Reiki on self. To day I can explain this to students who are coming to participate in My Reiki classes. Immediately after this happened and I thought of you, hence this email.