Reiki Helps with End of Life

I was led to Reiki through my search to get well from fibromyalgia. After 10 years of declining health, I was almost completely bedridden. After taking Reiki training and giving myself daily Reiki treatments, I no longer had the symptoms of FMS. Regaining my health stirred up a great passion for Reiki within me so last year when my father was put into intensive care due to congestive heart failure and emphysema I turned to Reiki to assist him.

My father had gotten a cold that had turned into pneumonia. His breathing was so labored by the time he arrived at the ER that he had to be put on a ventilator and placed into a medically induced coma. I was notified of the situation and went to be by his side. I gave him Reiki by holding his hand and sending Reiki with my eyes. The following day the doctors brought him out of the coma as his breathing was improving. Only 24 hours later he was able to get off of his ventilator. His lung function was only 20% and his heart had been pushed to the right because his left lung was so large. The right lung was collapsed at the bottom so he was still very ill, and we were told that he had only days left. He lived for three more weeks. During that three week period, I gave him Reiki every day. The doctors were amazed at how well he was doing. Instead of the normal decline they typically see in patients like this, he actually seemed to be getting better. On the day he passed, the nurse told me that he had been laughing and joking with her. Then he closed his eyes, his heart rate slowed down, and he passed in two minutes. She said that he never gasped for breath or struggled in any way. She told me that she had been a palliative care nurse for over 20 years and had never seen someone transition the way he did with such ease. I believe Reiki provided him with that ease of transition and for that I am eternally grateful.