Reiki Helps Car Accident Injury and Stroke

One day after my yoga class, I witnessed a car accident where an older gentleman was thrown out of his jeep right on the cement sidewalk. He laid there without any signs of life, with a severely bleeding head injury. Without any thoughts or hesitation I parked me car and walked toward him. I started to give him Reiki, and gently moved his body to a safer place. I remember talking to him and sending a lots of Reiki energy to him, he gently opened his eyes and he smiled and thanked me. When the ambulance came I said good-bye to him and one man followed me. I turned around and he said that he witnessed angels around me and the injured man and asked me if I was a nurse. I should clarify also that before this occurrence I had tremendous fear of blood. Reiki just melted my fear completely away.

Well, a couple of months later I flew to Prague, Czech republic to visit my father. He was then 89 years old and lonely, since my mother passed away a couple of years before. One evening I went out with my girlfriend to very a beautiful art show and shortly after the show went home to be with my dad. I found my father under the table unconscious in a large pool of blood. Without any hesitation I started to flow Reiki to him and stayed very calm. I moved my dad to more a comfortable place and I was talking to him. My father opened his eyes, and with a gentle expression and confidence on his face he told that he knows he will be all right. At this point I called the ambulance. The results from MRI were pretty grim, major brain damage from the stroke. To make the story short, my father's mind recovered as I often joked with him that his memory was better than mine and he lived to be 91. I am so grateful to Reiki for all the love, courage, creativity, opening of my heart and joy that it brought into my life.