Reiki Helps Burns

This year, my uncle was in a house fire, which burnt his face. He was in the hospital in ICU for a few days. I asked my Aunty and Cousin if I could start sending him distant healing every day, which they accepted. I started asking Archangel Raphael and Reiki angels and masters to help my uncle and started distant healing every day. I received a phone call about three weeks after the accident from my uncle thanking me for what I had done, and more to the point “what did I do?” I told him that I was asking the angels for help and was sending him distant healing every day. He told me that the doctors kept coming in every day and saying” Your healing is amazing. We have never seen a burn victim heal as fast as you are. This is a miracle.” Thanks to the healing of Reiki my uncle has no visual signs of having been burnt on his face. What a miracle!