Reiki Helps the Body to Accept Transplanted Organs

I was asked to do Reiki for a woman who had her third liver transplant and whose immune system kept rejecting the organ. As always when I do Reiki I completely surrender myself and allow the divine energy to guide me. During this session I placed my hands on the woman's body close to her liver. The energy was pouring into the liver and she described the feeling as though the organ was totally immersed in vibration and warmth. She described it as if her body embraced the organ and accepted it with her own energy. I placed my hands over the immune system where the thymus is located. The woman experienced the same feeling here. I was guided to connect the immune system with the liver and then the energy was pouring clearly between the two. The woman described the feeling in the body as a harmonious embrace between the liver and the thymus.

This experience revealed to me that when we receive an organ donation, the energy vibrations are slightly different than ours and it becomes compatible when the foreign organ vibrates the same as the rest of the body.