Reiki Heals a Night Vision Problem

Following Day three of a Holy Fire Reiki class with William Rand, I was very concerned about the drive home at night. I have battled night blindness for about 20 years, and it has become all but crippling in the past 10 years. It has really impacted what I can and cannot do involving driving after sunset. I have had to say “no” to many opportunities and social engagements because they would have put me on the road after dark.

My Reiki partners for the last day of class were Cheryl Ernst and Mickey, and they knew of my concerns as the minutes ticked by. My time on the Reiki table was so wonderful, nourishing and relaxing—not a lot of visuals, just a sense of peace. But then I heard William saying “Alright, time to bring your person gently back...” In the last moment as I was opening my eyes, my subconscious visual field was FILLED with thousands of white cones on a black field! Night blindness is caused by an imbalance of “cones and rods” in the eyes. I shared what I had experienced with those in my group, and Cheryl told me that she had asked Holy Fire to give me clear vision. I knew in my heart her prayer and intention had been answered!

As darkness settled in over the horizon that night, I felt the usual concern about the gathering darkness in the skies. However, I was able to drive all the way home, on rural back-country roads, in complete darkness, IN THE RAIN with perfect night vision!!!! I have not driven at night in the rain in many years and many times had to pull over and wait it out or sleep in the car for the rest of the night if rain came unexpectedly!

Holy Fire healed my night vision!!! I still feel wonderment and amazement at such a gift, and so very blessed!