Reiki Heals Neck

My friend walked into the dance class with a neck brace. We gathered around her to understand why. It was hurting and she was unable to turn her head in either direction. She went to the Emergency Room. After evaluation they placed a neck brace on her and suggested this would relieve whatever was causing her pain and distress. I informed her of Reiki and offered to do a short ten minute treatment.

She was inspired to hear of how Reiki might help. She took off the neck brace for me to start. I suggested that perhaps she should keep it on since the doctors had placed it there for a reason, but she insisted, so I proceeded. After ten minutes of me feeling the energy flowing to her, I intuitively sensed it was enough.

She had sensed warmth and pulsing from my hands and she was surprised to turn her head. I suggested that she still wear the neck brace until she saw the doctor again, but she did not, and fortunately has been well ever since.