Reiki Heals Lump In Breast

I am a second degree Reiki practitioner and my sister trained me. I have seen so many miracles in the time I have been certified that I truly believe in Reiki. I have always felt a calling, if you will, to something greater than just the 'day-to day' understanding. I have taken all of the steps and even read your e-mail regarding your condition, William.

Prior to Reiki I had taken some tests, a mammogram, and then a sonogram. The findings were a lump in my left breast and they wanted me to go for an MRI. In the interim my sister invited me up to a training class for Reiki that she was giving which I graciously accepted as I was grasping at hope and my faith was all but a fading light on a burnt out candle. I went and had an intensive 3-day training in Reiki 1 & 2 and passed! She does put me through the grinders you know, little sister and all! I came home glowing! I felt so complete and together! Nothing could drag me down!

I went for the MRI and continued the self-Reiki and MAP sessions that I was taught. Two weeks after the MRI I finally called for answers and was told that there were no unusual tissues, no masses and no lumps in either breast and that all was clean and negative!

I am so grateful. I have the ability to help my self and others through Reiki and I intend to make it a very intimate and necessary part of my life! I am so glad I have taken the steps to a more spiritual, universal and healing future. Thank you and most of all thanks to my sister, Jeanne Boyce, RM who brought this into my life! Love and peace to all!

York, PA