Reiki Heals Knee

I would like to share my special experience with Reiki in Japan with you. I am a Reiki master from the Netherlands. This summer the thought crossed my mind that a visit to Japan would be an important part of my training as a master! But I also knew my financial situation would not allow me to go for the next ten years or so. And I went on with my life. A few months later I received a phone call from a colleague whom invited me for a trip to Japan. I only had to pay for my food! Incredible. So I went and we made the trip to the Kurama mountains. It was fabulous.

When we went down from the mountain my travel friend began to complain about his knee. He was anxious about the growing pain and could, perhaps, not make it downstairs. I was anxious too because he was not into Reiki and also showed no open mind to receiving Reiki. He made it all the way down but he could not walk anymore. Well, within a few minutes we sat down on a bench and my friend had no other alternative than to receive Reiki there and then! At first he felt the heat and after 6-8 minutes the pain disappeared.

He walked all the way to the train and back to the hotel, four kilometers. It blew his mind and mine I must admit. I had to treat him a few times in the next days but now his knee is okay. Reiki always makes me very humble and surprised when it does the work I expect it to do. I thank Usui for this gift and hope to meet you sometime.