Reiki Heals Drug and Alcohol Affected Baby

I am a special needs foster parent for the state of New Mexico. On December 14, 2001, Children, Youth and Families asked me to take a baby born on October 16, 2001, at 27 weeks and weighing in at just two pounds 10 ounces, who needed an "at home Mom". This child, because of alcohol and drug abuse by his mother during pregnancy, had severe brain damage and some physical abnormalities which were determined in his prognosis as limiting his sight, hearing, gross and fine motor function, respiratory development, and digestive processes to name only a few. The left side of his body was impaired by cerebral palsy. We brought him home and began giving Reiki in his body, mind and spirit. He immediately responded to Reiki life force and began to eat and be comforted by the constant flow of energy. He started to sleep soundly and gain weight. Our little darling began to grow and improve which was verified by each visit to therapists, doctors and specialists. I was a privileged witness to a new diagnoses of perfect sight, excellent hearing, steady weight gain and development of gross and fine motor skills. All of his caregivers were astounded at the positive progress this child was making in spite of the negative prognosis he had been given for his future. Today, he is nine months old. He is 15 pounds, crawling, pulling up to standing position, picking up toys with both hands, chattering and laughing, and discovering the beautiful details of his world. I give all the glory to the healing power of Reiki and our love for him. We continue its application so that when he returns to his mother, he will have a fighting chance to continue his positive progress and to spiritually overcome anything that would stand in the way of his growth. Once again, I have seen the astonishing results of Reiki energy manifesting itself in wholeness of the body, mind and spirit.