Reiki Heals Dating Issues

I have a counseling client we will call Cindy. She had recently started dating and a lot of shame had begun surfacing about a long-term affair that she had during her marriage. She reported that she was obsessing over the shame. I activated all the symbols and began sending Holy Fire Reiki back to the original cause of the shame of the affair. I heard in my mind the following issues that we cleared or made progress on: fear of getting divorced, the pain of experiencing her parent’s divorce, shame of getting divorced, fear of being a single mother with three special needs kids, fear of living away from her family and being all alone if she got separated, disappointment in being married to a workaholic, sadness in being married to her husband who was emotionally unavailable, fear she was unattractive, fear she would never find love again, fear of hurting her husband and the wife of her affair partner, needing support during her marriage, and shame of the affair. Because she had previously mentioned feeling like the black sheep in her family due to constant criticism and comparison to the golden child of the family, we worked on that next. We cleared criticism from her, her mother, and then going back through all the relationships in her family and through the family lineage.

Then I heard that the Holy Fire energy wanted to provide her with grace and forgiveness. I had done the prior work with my hands in Gassho while she sat on the sofa. I walked over to her and placed my hands on either side of her head about six inches over her head to allow the energy to come into her crown. I felt a rush of God’s grace and forgiveness come in and fill her up. This was a profound experience for me and for her and caused her tears of joy. She said she had never felt God’s energy like that before and felt forgiven. At the next session, I asked her how she was feeling about the affair and she looked surprised and said she had forgotten all about it and there wasn’t a charge anymore. Additionally she felt free of the pain of her parent’s divorce and all the criticisms as a child. All this work was conducted in one session, where if I had used my counseling tools to address these issues, it would have normally taken six to 12 sessions.