Reiki Heals Cuts

Dear Mr. Rand: I have done level II Reiki here in Australia and have two small experiences with Reiki healing. Now the ladies reading this will probably agree that if you are shaving your legs with a rasor and happen to cut yourself, you just bleed like the proverbial stuck pig. Well being careless I cut my leg whilst shaving in the bath. I thought that I should try Reiki to stop the bleeding, as my Master had told me it would. Being a relative newcomer to Reiki I was almost hesitant to put it to the test, as I knew I would be so disappointed if I just kept bleeding. Anyway I covered the cut with the palm of my hand and opened myself to the energy. I just sat like this for about five minutes. Tentatively then, I lifted my hand and the blood had actually clotted on my skin and hadn't ran down my leg at all.

I was really excited and pleased as this was good confirmation for me that my belief in Reiki was well placed. Some weeks later, I was washing up dishes in the sink, and had foolishly left a paring knife laying in the sink along with other cutlery. Yes, you guessed it, I ran my finger along the blade. Oh boy!!! You know that shiver that goes down through your body when you cut yourself deeply. I hardly dared look. Oh yes, I had cut it really badly. My first thought was, I need to get to the Ambulance Station ( Maybe you call them paramedics over in the U.S.) So I wrapped my finger in facial tissues and it was really bleeding hard. Then applied an adhesive plaster to hold the tissues in place, binding it really tightly. By then I had calmed down enough to think Reiki which SHOULD have been my first response. So I sat and did Reiki on my finger. I had expected it would be throbbing but it seemed to be OK. I kept waiting for the pain to come but it never happend Just then a friend phoned me from work and I told him I had cut my finger really badly and it had given me a fright, but I wasn't going to the ambulance or doctor because it seemed OK and wasn't bleeding now. To cut this long story short. I left that original bandaging attempt on all day and that night I replaced it with a bandaid strip and was surprised how much the cut had healed. I went to work next day, and everyone was waiting for this badly cut finger, and honestly, it had just healed so quickly I'm sure they thought I had over-reacted. I was amazed. I have had smaller injuries which hurt more and took longer to heal, before I knew about Reiki, and within 36 hours this really bad cut was virtually nothing.So these are only two small examples of healing but they mean't a lot to me because it was a personal experience of the power of Reiki Healing.