Reiki Heals Broken Arm

My name is Mary and I'm a Massage Therapist. One of the receptionists got in a car accident and broke her arm. She couldn't go one week without taking care of her baby son; I think that was one of the biggest issues she had. She asked me (begged was more like it) to do some work on her arm, complaining about her hand hurting. I told her to hold it at the level of her heart. But she had heard through my studies on Reiki about how it’s been known to heal broken bones. So I sat at the end of the desk where she was at. Held her arm where the fracture was (about 15-30 min). She was telling me how it had felt like sandpaper or a emery board we use on our nails being used on it inside. She ended up going to E.R. that night for anxiety issues. Called me to go and pick her up. When she got in my car she told me what the x-ray had showed; a bruised arm instead of a fracture. I couldn't believe it since I had just gotten attuned about six months prior. I was in shock and had this weird spooky feeling. She showed me the papers and she was telling the truth; such a "strange" feeling on healing a broken bone. So as people were looking for a Massage Therapist who was attuned to Reiki she was telling them about how I had fixed her arm. I now have many more people coming to me for Reiki. And those who didn't know that I am a energy worker come to see me for Disc issues, some say that the problem goes away like they have never had the problem before. Reiki IS #1 in my book! I'm glad that I became attuned!

Thank you for letting me tell my amazing experience on it.