Reiki Heals Bird

This is an incident which occurred when I did Reiki Level I way back in 1997. My son, who was then four years old, and I went to our garage to take our bicycles for a ride. To our surprise, we found a bird lying down, unable to flap its wings and making a feeble attempt to fly. I said to my son, "Lets give Reiki," and I went ahead and without touching the bird gave Reiki. Lo and behold, after some time it flapped its wings energetically and flew off!

Both of us were pleasantly surprised and happy, too. My son now knows what Reiki can do, and often when he is tired or has any pains due to play or whatever, or before going to sleep, asks me to give him Reiki. This has left an impression which he will remember throughout. I have so many live examples to share but this should convince other first-timers to seek and experience Reiki to have full conviction on the effectiveness of Reiki in day-to-day life.

Love and Light,

T. S. Srinivasan