Reiki Heals Bilirubin Count

My new grandson was born May 12th. I felt an immediate connection to him since I was present at his birth. We had him home all of 24 hours when we were notified that he had to be immediately hospitalized at the NICU for blood and bilirubin problems. He had a bilirubin of 24 upon admission and they would not release him until the level decreased to 9-10. Each day he only decreased his count a point or two at a time, despite being under bilirubin lights for 24 hours/day. By the fourth day of his hospitalization it was only down to 17.8 and it didn’t look very promising for a discharge home yet. I decided to go to bed early that night and it suddenly dawned on me that I should send Reiki. (duh!) I began saying things that just came out of my mouth without thinking, while I was sending the Reiki. I told him that grandma was sending and surrounding him with white healing light, brighter and stronger than the bili lights he was under. When I was done with my session, the number 10 came to my mind. I went to sleep. The first thing next morning we called the hospital to see what the 5 a.m. reading was and if it had decreased at all. I knew in my heart it had, but when my daughter in law started laughing and crying, I knew it was good. Not only had his bilirubin "remarkably" dropped to TEN, but he was going to be discharged that day! I called my husband to report this miracle, and his response was "what took you so long"!