Reiki Heals Accident Injuries

My friend and neighbor was in a horrific snowmobile accident and had to be airlifted to the hospital, in critical condition. He was on a ventilator and not expected to live. My friends and I sent Distant Reiki every day and soon, his doctors were declaring that it was a miracle that he had made it past the critical stage. Two weeks later as I visited him in his hospital room, he remarked that he was feeling out-of-sorts. I asked him if he would like to receive Reiki and explained what it was all about. He agreed. As my hands moved over his heart chakra, I began to see small water drops rising from his chest area. There were many of them and they seemed to float upward from his body. Being new to Reiki, I became frightened and to myself said, “Stop,” but they did not. Then I remembered the words of my teacher: “The Reiki goes where the Reiki needs to go and does what the Reiki needs to do,” and I just watched those water droplets in awe as I continued to give him Reiki. After we finished, he was happy and joking around and the color in his face was much brighter. Later, I learned that he had had some fluid remaining in his injured lungs but that after the Reiki session it had dissipated. A week later he was released and he went home. Reiki is just amazing.