Reiki Guides

My story is one of awakening. I spent a long time denying my true spiritual nature and then finally I made the commitment to a Reiki course that opened a new dimension long forgotten. It was like coming back home. I remember sitting in the Reiki I course and thinking everything was so familiar. Reiki II was even better because I had become very sensitive to the flow of energy and could physically feel the attunement. I memorized the symbols in seconds, as if I knew them already, stored somewhere in my memory.

When I came back home that evening, I was very light and happy and I was talking to my children about the wonderful magic of Reiki (Natalie is two and Thomas is one, yet they seemed to connect to what I was saying!). At some point, a very strong energy filled the room and I knew there was somebody there. I could sense two beings.

My children were staring at the left end corner of the lounge in amazement as if somebody was there. They seemed to see people, I couldn't see anyone but I sensed their energy and the fact that they were oriental and very tall. It was amazing.

For me, it was the confirmation that the spiritual path was the path to follow. This experience has helped me in times of doubt.