Reiki Dissolves Blood Clot

My 33 year old daughter had always been in perfect health. In mid-September she had been having difficulties due to pain and extreme pressure in her chest and upper back when she was doing anything other than lying down. At a certain point it was necessary for her to have a physical to determine the cause of the discomfort. Her M.D. thought it was important to have a CAT scan to see what this test might show. A CAT scan was done and a blood clot was found in her right lung. It was speculated that being on estrogen may have been the culprit (she had to have a total hysterectomy 4-1/2 years ago).

This was her first major experience with a serious illness and she was terrified. Unfortunately, I live 2100 miles away and couldn’t make regular visits. Many times in the past Long Distance Reiki worked but never for something this serious. I began sending Reiki twice daily for this condition. I also have a Reiki box which permitted Reiki to be sent constantly in addition to my two daily sessions. Slowly she began to feel better but there was always the worry present. Eventually the worry began to disappear and she was recently scheduled for another CAT scan.

A few days after this test the results showed that the blood clot was completely gone. In addition, as she is still seeing the doctor and her attitude has changed from worry to “let’s see what the medical profession” can find as the actual culprit for this clot. Whatever happens is better than not knowing.

So, Reiki has given her mental relief as well as physical healing. I am so grateful that Reiki came into my life and that I deemed it necessary to advance to a Karuna Reiki Master a few years ago. My family is happy also.