Reiki Clears Arteries

An update on my Reiki student I asked all of you to send Reiki to a couple of weeks ago. I saw her today and have some information to share with all of you. When I initially made the request to all of you, I had not known the extent of the calcification of her aorta. Today I found out that it was 75% blocked! Her physician sent her to get a CT scan (which was scheduled a couple of weeks after all of us had begun sending Reiki to her). The physicians were puzzled when they read the CT scan as her aorta results were essentially negative—only minimally calcified. This is something that can be managed by vasodilators and puts her out of the immediate danger zone. She was VERY happy with the results and thanked me and wanted me to also thank all of you for the Reiki you sent to her. I thank you all, too, from the bottom of my heart. If you don't mind to continue to send her Reiki and lets see if the remainder of the calcification will "go away".

With light, love, and peace,