Reiki, Chemo and Cancer

Dear William: I have been a Reiki Master since early in 1998, mainly working on myself and my pets, but Nancy, a neighbor of mine who lives only two doors away, developed cancer some months ago and had a “terminal” diagnosis. Only after she had gone to bed and was barely eating, and had significant pain, was she open to me trying Reiki on her. I sat upright on a sofa next to her and placed my hands on her liver area, the area of the pain, for about 10 minutes, after which she said it was a bit better and moved away a bit. I figured if Reiki was to be of help I would know, and sure enough, the next day her husband showed up at my door and said Nancy wanted me to come and take away her pain!

I have gone over 3–4 times daily and done Reiki sessions, mainly in the liver and lung area for a period of about 25 minutes each. Within two days all pain was gone, which puzzled her doctors, and her first chemo session was a breeze. The nausea from the cancer and chemo is also minimized. I had the opportunity to see how much Reiki was working when I had to leave for 10 days right before Nancy's second chemo session in order to be with my husband who was undergoing back surgery to relieve pain (that's another story, hubby is fine, and I got to directly experience a person blocking Reiki and then relaxing into it).

I attuned others to work with Nancy while I was gone and was able to send by distance Reiki a few times during my travels, but learned upon my return that the second chemo had not gone well for Nancy, who experienced pain and severe nausea for several days. After one day working with her all the symptoms are gone and her next chemo will be in a few days.

I don't know if Reiki and the powers-that-be will allow Nancy to survive liver cancer, but I can tell you that she is most comfortable, eating well and pain free, walking, laughing and having a reasonably good time during which she was supposed to be miserably in pain.

A side effect of doing Reiki on Nancy is that I feel even better after the energy passes through me! I sincerely hope many more people will attune to Reiki because it's not a good feeling to know I am the only one around that can relieve pain thru Reiki. It is my deepest wish that Reiki spread far more rapidly than it has, even if most people attune to Reiki I. The need for bandages around my house is non-existent!

Hello again. I wanted to add a lovely postscript to my months of Reiki work on my friend, Nancy. She got the test results back today... she will live, the "terminal" diagnosis is no longer in effect. Her liver function is almost back to normal, and she will have four more chemo sessions, another test and if entirely free of all traces of cancer, two more "for good measure" chemo sessions. I am in awe. She was nearly dead, with only a few weeks to live when we started Reiki on her. Another friend who is a nurse said she had never seen anyone react so well to chemo. Thank you, Reiki. Thank you, Universe.