Reiki Changed My Life

Dear William, I was guided to Reiki in 2007 and it has changed my outlook on everything in life. I practice with the Reiki meditation CD regularly and ask for any and all blockages to be removed. I was diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer in March and am currently going through internal and external radiation treatments as well as chemo. I am into week three with three more weeks to go. Reiki self treatments as well as distance healing have been helping me coast through with minimal side effects and helping to keep my attitude positive. Reiki helps me to live day by day and sometimes moment by moment. It has helped me to realize that this cancer is a life sentence, not a death sentence. I get a chance to bond with others with cancer and help them to smile.

I was coming out of a six hour surgery four weeks ago to have my lymph glands removed. When I came out of the general anesthetic, the nurses were complaining that around the area of my bed it was hot and uncomfortable. They said it was like a pocket of heat around my bed and yet when they moved away, the temperature was fine. They even went so far as to call the heating guy and he said the temperature of the room was the same and that nothing had fluctuated on the thermostat. Everyone I knew in my Reiki circle was sending to me that day. I knew it was the Reiki and smiled to myself. I was also supposed to experience major swelling in my face from being flipped during the surgery but I did not have any. The hospital was supposed to be a four day stay... I went home the next day. I was taken off my morphine drip early and did not need any additionally prescribed narcotics for pain relief. The first woman who I gave a Reiki treatment to was in the room next to me and the head nurse knew my neighbor and her daughters. Another Reiki lady that I am friends with knew a woman who was up there too. I had Reiki on my side through all of these experiences and I am ever so thankful. I cannot even imagine where my mind, body, or soul would be if I did not have Reiki on my side. It touches every aspect of my life. I am learning many lessons and will continue to learn and look forward to teaching others from these experiences. I will receive my Reiki Master certificate after my treatments are over. All of my training has been taught through your texts. I am thankful for my Master/teacher and for all of the wonderful information that you have provided for us. Thank you for reading my story and many blessing to you.