Reiki and the Unbeliever

I began learning Reiki some two years ago, initially my parents were both very skeptical. My father has been suffering from knee problems for many years due he thought to an injury received in a parachute jump. He asked me to do Reiki on his knee as he had found that after it flared up again he had been to the doctor and told they couldn’t find a major problem which left him at a loss to what was wrong with his knee.

I sat on the floor and he sat in a chair and I gave Reiki just on his knee for the first session. During the treatment my dad fell asleep and on waking him after the Reiki he said it was the best sleep he had had in many years and he was only asleep for about an hour. During the treatment I picked up that he seemed to have a blockage in his heart centre and solar plexus. I explained to him I felt the knee injury to be part of his bodies way of warning him of stress as it seemed he was in pain when stressed or dealing with emotional difficulty. He was skeptical about the Reiki but on contacting him the next day he said the pain had gone completely and he felt very well. I suggested he keep track of when the pain arrived and see if he could relate it to his emotions. Again the pain returned to his knee—I gave him Reiki but this time a full treatment so his chakra areas were treated also. Many months later my parents have decided to emigrate and my dad agrees since making this decision his knee has stopped giving him any trouble. He feels the Reiki helped him to come to a decision to live for himself and his wife and with this new emotional choice the old pain or reminder has gone.

My Dad will go from skeptic to Reiki I as I am due to attune both my parents in July when I have my masters. They will be the first I attune. Just thought you should all know the power Reiki has as well as bringing pain relief it heals on all levels and helps you to achieve the goals you should be achieving.