Reiki and Ulcerative Colitis

I’ve been in remission from ulcerative colitis for three beautiful months! It’s surprising to say these words out loud since the condition began in 1998. I never imagined Reiki would improve and stabilize my condition.

Researching ulcerative colitis guided me to many articles and books with suggestions of how to control abdominal pain, bleeding, bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue, but even with these suggestions, my health never improved.

I read an article in Reiki News Magazine while at a chiropractic appointment. I was emotionally moved by the story, and I thought to myself, "it would be lovely to experience the healing of my own condition similarly to the lady in the article." I decided to book my first Reiki appointment in September 2008. The journey to control my ulcerative colitis was about to begin.

My expectations were limitless when I entered the practitioner’s room for my Reiki session. The emotional release I experienced during and after the Reiki was indescribable. Reiki awakened my inner self. I looked deep down inside of me and asked questions that had troubled me for many years. Why am I sad? Why am I blaming others for situations that happened in the past? Why don’t I stand up for myself and take the steps I need to achieve my goals or my soul purpose? Overall, I learned that the lack of compassion from my family since childhood helped me to be patient and caring toward others. I didn’t have the opportunity to enrich my education the way I had hoped, and I had to work at a young age to cloth myself and pay rent at home. These experiences gave me strength to face life’s challenges.

As I continued my Reiki sessions, my Reiki practitioner taught me how to ground myself, how to meditate, and how to shield myself from people who constantly unleashed their unpleasant energy in my direction. My intentions were to exercise regularly, eat healthier, and to accept and deal with daily challenges, positively.

My husband and children noticed my happier disposition. I became more energetic, my motivation and confidence increased, and my ulcerative colitis flare-ups were less frequent. I was jogging regularly, attending Yoga classes, and eating a proper diet, omitting pork, beef, and sweets by choice.

My next intention was to increase my Reiki knowledge. I sought to learn how to self-heal and heal others. Six months after my first session, I completed Reiki I. I taught myself the benefits of using crystals while meditating—during Reiki sessions with a practitioner and during self-healing. The lessening of my flare-ups extended by three—six months, and my medication dosage during that time became minimal.

In the first quarter of 2010, I completed Reiki II and Reiki ART. I did self-healing regularly and began to give Reiki to my willing husband and children, ages seven and nine.

Two years after my journey began, I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher certification. I slowly decreased my medication dosage and am currently drug-free. I’ve been in remission from ulcerative colitis for three beautiful months, and I’ve never been happier, healthier, or feeling more at peace in my life.

I’m practicing Reiki on friends and family members while preparing to begin a Reiki business, and writing children’s books. I’ll embrace whatever unfolds during my Reiki journey with open, loving arms and enjoy my new life’s path.