Reiki and RA

My Reiki love to you and your family and friends. With the power of Reiki I came to know about this web site and I think I can learn more and share my rare experience which I had when channeling the power of Reiki to various recipients.

My first recipient is a lady affected by RA. She was, when I met first, not able to lift her limbs and they were found to be crippled considerably. She could not sleep and dine for 15 days (!) and was appearing so tired. The aura was so grey and the face had lost its charm who can be otherwise called as a very beautiful lady. She was weeping profusely and had craved for Reiki sessions at least to get sleep and hunger. It may be interesting to note that after undergoing initiation I started Reiki treatment within three days and I was not told that I should necessarily empower myself for 21 full days. Any God's grace worked differently for me. That lady was able to sleep and take food admirably well and we were so happy.

After 10 days, her limps started moving automatically (even the minutest movement matters much in respect of the crippling disease "RA"). She could not normally lift her legs without help but during Reiki Sessions, the leg will be moving upwards automatically with no effort from her and one could find the inward turn of both the foot. We could see some beating and bubble coming from the knee and knee cap. Even my master was anxious to get it video graphed but the recipient objected to it. But some of my fellow channels witnessed it. Sometimes, my very presence would make the movements possible and some cracking sounds at the joints would be heard audibly. I used to give Reiki with great enthusiasm and in my anxiety to fetch wonderful results, I got my chakras punctured two times that I fell in fever with severe body ache. I sought the help of my senior channels who gave me distance Reiki and I was able to come out of the ailment. Then I asked her husband to become a channel who did so and has been giving her Reiki. The lady is now able to walk freely and lift her hands freely.

Almost 80% cure has been achieved so far and the doctor himself has called it as a medical miracle. Another interesting thing was that when I attempted to clean up the aura every time, it used to smell very bad. My wife would request me to unclothe before entering the drawing room because of the very bad odor. Once her husband came rushing inside stating that some extreme foul smell similar to burning of a corpse was experienced by him. So the aura got contaminated so much. Though I never indicate any charges for my service with Reiki power, the lady gave me one thousand Rupees (25 US $)! For a beginner this amount is very huge.

Then continued my Reiki treatment with everyone who came to me seeking this divine Reiki Power. After practicing Reiki as Healer for four years, I have now become Reiki Master and initiated 10 channels so far within two months. I have found new methods to bring early cure.

Let me conclude with this for the present but to continue with another episode concerning the lady next to my house who was suffering from sever head ache and giddiness who is now perfectly alright and has become a Reiki channel herself!

With Reiki love and light.