Reiki and Prostate Cancer

With the thought of promoting Reiki, I called an assisted-living center to offer an Introduction to Reiki class with free mini-Reiki sessions. When I asked the social director if he was familiar with Reiki he said, "Let me tell you my story," and proceeded to tell me that he had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. His massage therapist, Reiki Level II, had been told by a psychic that he (the social director) needed to receive three treatments in close succession by three Reiki healers. I quickly set things in motion and our team performed Reiki on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. No other treatment was given. Prior to treatment his test confirmed he was 4.0 and his doctor diagnosed that he had prostate cancer. The Monday after we completed the three treatments he was again tested. On the following Wednesday he called to say the test results showed 0.3 and that he was free of cancer. He remarked that in all of his life the test results were never that low. I am so honored to have been a part of his healing. I feel honored to be called by Reiki, a major part of my life.