Reiki and the Office

I cracked up when I read the article in your last online newsletter on Reiki in the Office. A week ago I had a problem with a situation at work where I was called into a meeting. I will not go into the details except that several people were very negative about me. I was angry the first day, but took time to examine the situation as objectively as I could. Near as I could tell it was an attack based on personalities rather than thoughtless behavior on my part. But I was still angry and more than a little hurt, so I decided to put the situation at work on my long distance Reiki list. Funny, why would I try so many things that do not work on office politics and one that I know is 100% effective becomes the last resort!

Anyhow, over the course of the weekend I thought about the gal who had the most enmity towards me, and decided that if she were healthier and happier I would then assume the position of unimportance in her life that is the natural position for me. So onto the Reiki list she went.

I noticed the first day after the job situation went on the list that work felt better, with even a little pocket of extra Reiki energy waiting for me to use. Now it has been a week and though I have made behavior changes and am treading very carefully, the situation and the lady both seem to be carrying less stress, and so am I!