Reiki and Massage

I have two little boys ages three and four and; if that's not enough, I also handcraft soaps. To get stress relief, I get a massage every three weeks on a regular basis. My massage therapist and I have become close friends and we went together for Reiki training. After we received our training, she would give me Reiki treatments along with my massage. The massages were wonderful and were very relaxing and alleviate much of the day-to-day build-up of stress. When she started to give me Reiki treatments—what a difference! I felt like I could handle any of life's problems that came along. It was an experience not only of being massaged, but a truly life-altering experience.

A short time ago, she moved her practice to a town about an hour's drive from me. It has been very difficult to get to her place. I went to a different massage therapist and although she was very good at what she did I did not feel the connection I felt with my friend. I think the Reiki made the difference in getting a "good" massage and a wonderful feeling of total mind, body and soul tune-up. I believe that the Reiki training I received (I and II) has made me a more intuitive person in terms of being in touch with the different "vibes" people put out. I was told at a Reiki Share that I was becoming a more intuitive person.

My family, friends and others have commented I seem so much more relaxed and less anxiety-ridden. Doctors tried to put me on Prozac and other anti-depressants but my body rejected this as a viable way to deal with LIFE! Anyway, those are my thoughts on Reiki and what it has done for me. Thanks.