Reiki and Intuition

I’d like to share a story of something that happened yesterday about Reiki and intuition. Since working with Reiki, I’ve noticed I’ve had heightened intuition, that Reiki “shows up and guides me” exactly when I need it to. I do believe this is one great example!

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to an appointment. I had just finished teaching a Reiki Level I class and was really in the flow of Reiki. I was feeling great. I love turning on the Reiki newbies to Reiki. The class left, and I was gathering my things to go to the appointment. I went out to my car to put my appointment book inside so I would not forget it. My car, in the garage, was locked, which is odd. I put the book on top of the hood and went back into the house to get my keys so I could open the car and put my planner on the car seat. Once I got inside my condo, I was distracted and never went back out to the car until it was time to leave. Then I got inside the car and drove away. I had the distinct feeling that I was forgetting something, but I was in a hurry and ignored it. It wasn’t until I got to my appointment and reached over to the passenger side to get my planner that I realized what I had done. I had driven away with my planner on the roof of my car! Oh no! My planner has the dates of all my Reiki appointments, booked a month or two out, my class dates and names of the students, and cash and checks from the current week’s sessions. Everything. My whole life! I got out of the car and felt shell-shocked. I just stood there picturing my planner pages and money flying down the street, scattered everywhere. I began to feel hysterical and then just stopped and gave myself Reiki. Right there on the sidewalk, in the middle of a busy street. I put both of my hands on my heart, sent HSZSN to the situation, and asked that it be resolved for my best and highest good. I also gave myself a hefty dose of SHK to quell the mounting hysteria. Then I went into the office where I had the appointment.

I felt strangely calm and a feeling came over me immediately that everything would be okay, no matter what. I KNEW the planner would be found, and it would be intact. I no longer felt panicked. I sat for a while and then was “guided” to call a neighbor. I asked the receptionist for a phone book, got my neighbor’s number, and called her. What is odd about this is that I do not know this neighbor. I live in a condo and have many neighbors. This neighbor lives in another building and in the 16 years I’ve lived here, we’ve never spoken. We’ve waved, and we know of each other, but we’ve never made contact. However I knew I needed to call her.

She answered her phone and I identified myself, hoping she would recognize my name. Right away she blurted out “I found your planner! It was in the middle of the street, about a block and an half from home.” I was incredulous! She said she stopped her car, got out, looked at the first page, saw my name, and brought it to my home. Because I was not home, she put it in my mailbox, and left a message on my home phone (which was listed in the planner). She said it was intact and not damaged at all. I was so excited I screamed and then cried!

I love how Reiki “guides” me to do things; sends me where I need to go. I believe it helped this entire situation, and it certainly made me feel better. I am so grateful for its powerful, yet gentle presence in my life. Thank you!