Reiki and Grandchildren

My eight year old grandson received a burn on the anticubital area of his right arm. When it healed, the scar tissue kept him from extending his arm completely. As he is active in sports, this was a hindrance.

I went through my Reiki I, II and III training several years after his injury, and used it frequently for his minor aches and pains. It always calmed him down whenever he was in the frantic state of an over-tired child. It was a routine for him. If he hurt himself, he would ask me to "do Reiki on him".

His mother scheduled his surgery at the local Shriner's hospital to correct the scar tissue, and he requested I come to his house the night before to "do Reiki" and to the hospital to "do Reiki"  before the surgery. He was calm and unafraid as he went into the operating room.

When he woke up in the recovery room he insisted I come back and "do more Reiki". I'm pleased to say he recovered from the anesthetic quite well with no nausea or after-effects. His arm healed quite fast with no complications.

Since then when his little brother falls and gets an "owie" he comes to me for Reiki. My daughter-in-law is also quite shocked, as I am the only one who can hold him until he goes to sleep. With anyone else he must be in a completely darkened room. He climbs up in my lap, and it's "night-night".

These two small beings are a wonderful example of how children can grow up with an acceptance of something unseen. They simply accept Reiki as an everyday thing that can be used to help themselves and others.