Reiki and Coma

I was needed at the bedside of a dear friend. My friend had had a stroke four days earlier and wasn’t expected to live. I was being asked to come perhaps to say good-bye or to help. I m not sure which it was but I didn’t stop to think about it. I asked which hospital she was in and left immediately. I only stopped for a moment to pick up what I call my Chakra scarf because it has the colors of the Chakras.

I had taken Reiki one and two, had practiced on friends, and a few paying clients. However, no one taught me what to do in the Intensive Care Unit. When I arrived with my Chakra scarf around my neck I was really surprised that the nurses knew what I was going to do. I was amazed, and humbled at the respect that Reiki was given in this hospital. There I stood at the foot of my friend’s bed asking for guidance as to how to proceed.

First I put white light into the room asked my guides to come in to assist and for guidance. I used the power symbol to set the tone in the room, the healing symbol to begin the process of healing my friend’s body where I was drawn and began to work on specific areas with Reiki energy. Her blood pressure, heart monitor and other measures were actually changing as I worked. I moved my hands in the direction of the stroke so that energy would move in her body where it had been paralyzed.

For four days I went to the hospital and did the same process. I used the symbols, my guides and moved the energy as much as I was guided to do. On the fourth day I felt guided to use the distance symbol and ask if I could make contact with my friend in my mind. I felt that I was speaking with her mentally and asked Jessie, you’ve had a stroke, is it your time or can you come back? She responded, I don t know where I am, to which I replied again mentally, Jessie, listen to the sound of my voice and follow it and find your way back. It felt like she was in a maze and was finding her way through it to come back. The next thing I knew I opened my eyes and saw a fluttering of her eyes. I could hardly believe it. Later that day she came out of the coma.