Reiki and Childbirth

I was giving Reiki to my neighbor who was at the end of her pregnancy term. It was a very relaxing Reiki session. I felt her womb empty as if the baby was already out and she had the same feeling of lightness. She did not feel the weight of the baby as it is usually feels at the end of the term. I felt an angel in the room and when I asked him whom he was he answered Gabriel. I did not know whether I should tell her or not because I was not sure. Finally I did tell her and we checked in my angel book. My intuition was right. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of children born in the first part of the month, between the 20th of February and the 20th of March. I told her the baby would be born soon because his angel was already there to greet him. He came three days after.

Another time I was giving Reiki to a friend of mine who was seven and half months pregnant. I could feel the baby in my womb kicking all the time. I first thought I had hiccoughs but I understood very quickly that the baby was kicking in his mum's womb. At the end of the session, she confirmed he had been kicking all the time I was giving her Reiki.