Reiki and Cancer

I was diagnosed with ovarian/paratonilee cancer. I was not given a good prognosis. With extensive Chemo treatments, I stood a good chance — without — maybe I had six to nine months. I had just lost my husband within two years, I had two adorable kids ages 12 and 11. At that time, they had lost their Dad and now Mom was real sick. I had extensive surgery and was faced with chemo, which I didn’t want to do as I had seen what chemo had done to my husband. I was not a happy camper, but wanted all best odds in my favor so I decided to go with the chemo. After my second chemo treatment, I saw a long time friend of mine. Her family and she herself have dealt with this situation before within her family. She came up to me and said "I am not going to send you flowers, I am going to come over to your home and do Reiki on you as my gift." Reiki, I said, what is this? I wanted to live and I wanted to do anything to make all options work, so I accepted her offer.

After the first treatment, I felt relaxed, calmed, and very good. Almost, rejuvenated. My Reiki Master had said to me after the second treatment she had seen many little black balls firing through my abdomen while treating me. I thought this strange. That night, about five hours after she had left, I had an experience in the bathroom, which is hard to describe. However, after completed, I felt strongly that "all the cancer was gone out of my body". I called a nurse and a doctor and after tests, they agreed that all the cancer was gone, but could not explain this since I had had only two chemo treatments and they thought I would need many more. I also have to say that my faith has been renewed and I look forward to a long and happy future.

I began my journey with Reiki that night and I am now a cancer survivor for a third time over 26 years. I plan on seeing my children graduate from college, get married and have my grandchildren.

To date, I am about to celebrate my two-year anniversary from that surgery and I am feeling good and going on with life. I have introduced my family members to Reiki and I have progressed to a Reiki level II. There is a lot to this, and I will continue to practice and heal. I am living proof that it works. My doctors cannot explain how well I am doing — but they suggest "just keep on doing whatever it is!".