Reiki and Alzheimer’s

My mother has had Alzheimer’s disease for 14 years. She lost her ability to speak eight years ago. Visiting her is the most devastating emotional experience, so much so that I use to avoid it all costs. With only one way communication, the visit is very awkward especially because she is still "aware" enough to understand what is going on. She is also physically completely incapacitated. Her body is often so tightly constricted that no one can release her clenched limbs. She is truly trapped inside herself. When I learned Reiki, I didn't know how I would use it, until I visited my mom. In her usual way, she was all closed up emotionally and physically when I arrived. Soon into the Reiki treatment, her arms and legs dropped, her head relaxed into the headrest of the wheel chair. It was amazing to watch! But then, her facial expression changed from her usual frown to a serene sweet smile that lasted the rest of the visit! What a gift for everyone Reiki is!! I feel I can actually give my mom something to help her and in turn, it helps me too! I am struck with so much gratitude and hope. Thank you compassionate, loving Reiki energy!