Psoriasis and Ovarian Cyst Disappear

After the death of my brother in 1979, I began my Spiritual journey into the metaphysical world. It wasn’t until the end of my career as a State Trooper that I was able to unravel this inner Spiritual calling to help others. I sought the guidance from an astrologer who read my chart and told me that I had been a healer in a past life.

A year later, I met with a Spiritual Medium who told me that I had healing hands and should learn Reiki. Shortly thereafter, another tragedy struck with the sudden death of my best friend of thirty-three years. I prayed to the universe to show me a sign that I needed to make sense of these tragic deaths. The very next day in the mail I received the application for the Reiki Level I course. I smiled and thanked the Universe for the sign.

While still working as a police officer, I attained my Reiki I and II certifications and soon bought a Reiki table. My inner calling grew as my passion to physically help others resounded within me. I joined with others and provided free Reiki sessions to those in need. Gradually I completed the Usui Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level courses. I have also taken a twelve-week Qigong Medical Healing Class.

I am still working in the law enforcement field. At first, I shared my passion for healing with only a select few, and did not mention it to most of my fellow officers. As my passion grew, so has my ability to speak the truth to many individuals about Reiki, and I have stepped out of the Spiritual “closet.” Now I even use Reiki on distraught citizens that I come in contact with.

I have treated both my daughters with Reiki after they had their wisdom teeth removed. Both were in tears. Soon after applying my hands to the jaw area, the tears stopped, their breathing became relaxed, and soon they were asleep.

Recently, my wife introduced me to a school nurse who shared similar spiritual ideals and had heard of Reiki but never experienced a session. She was intrigued with the hands-on healing technique, so I offered her a Reiki session. Three days later the nurse told me that her psoriasis of 27 years was gone.

The nurse also shared with me that she had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, which measured five mm, and that she might have to undergo surgery. Three days before her medical checkup and ultrasound, I gave her a second Reiki treatment for one hour. During the session I told her that only she could heal herself, not me. With that she said she wanted to heal herself. I placed my left hand, palm up, under her lower back while circling my right hand in a clockwise motion three-five inches above the area of her ovaries. The energy connection between both palms was tremendous. I could actually feel the tingling on my left hand as the right hand circled above her body. I repeated the mantra “it is done” dozens of times, as my right palm chakra was buzzing with energy. (I had read somewhere that six Reiki Masters repeated this mantra as they gave Reiki to a patient with a malignant tumor and that the tumor completely disintegrated after three hours of treatment.)

After her ultrasound checkup, she told me that her doctor could not find the cyst at all. He checked several times and even showed her the monitor as he searched. She then told him about her Reiki treatment and the disappearance of her psoriasis. The doctor naturally said, “Yeah, I’ve heard of Reiki but sometimes these cysts come and sometimes they go away by themselves.”

Maybe so I thought, but I still gave gratitude to God and the Universe for the healing power of Reiki love.