Preparation for First Reiki Class Strengthens My Reiki

I write this to you to encourage everyone who is a practitioner to become a teacher. I am a Reiki Level IV Master. Preparing for my first Reiki training was an amazing experience for me. I spent weeks-gathering information, creating a manual and brushing up on my historical Reiki facts. I planned to teach a weekend retreat in the mountains.

Before heading up to the mountains my husband and I stopped for dinner at his father’s house. Now, mind you, my husband and I are the "weird" ones in the family. We work with energy and that is pretty much the extent of their interest and knowledge in what we do. My husband’s niece was a sophomore in high school at the time. She had no idea what Reiki was but when I told her I was going to teach a class involving energy she asked if she could try it out.

My answer, of course, was that I was honored to share the energy with her. She laid down in a room while I flowed the Reiki energy to her. My husband (who was to be one of my students) was sitting behind me. Preparing for the class had strengthened my connection with the Reiki energy more than I thought possible. My husband was blasted from the energy and so was she. She began to smile so I asked her why she was smiling. She said that with her eyes closed, she could see colors—purple and green and blue swirling around. Later, she laughed out loud. Again I asked her what she was experiencing. She said that she could see a little Buddha man floating in a legs-crossed position in front of her just smiling at her. This really blew me away! She did not know what Reiki energy was and she didn’t know its origins either! She also had the experience of floating, something she liked very much. I believe that the learning/teaching process truly connects us and I encourage everyone to teach at least one class.