Perforated Colon and Coma

I had a wonderful learning experience about three months ago and I just thought I would like to share it with you. I have a friend who was recently staying at my home as a result of an abusive situation where she had to move out of the home that she shared with her husband. One night she received a call from her sister in law who informed her that her husband was in critical condition and was not expected to live. My friend felt that no matter what the normal circumstances were that the right thing to do was to go and be with him at that time in the hospital. She requested that I go with her and I suddenly received a spiritual message (guidance) that this would be appropriate so I went. I have been called to the Reiki Master Teacher Level and go where I am guided. When we got to the Hospital her husband was comatose and had a fever of 109—He had somehow perforated his colon and bile had leaked all through his system. The doctors and nurses said he would die soon.

As she stood by his bed, I noticed that she was turning gray so I placed my hand automatically on her back in a gesture of support and love. Immediately, a tremendous surge of healing energy began to flow which caused her to regain her color at which time she asked me if I could try Reiki on her husband although she knew that he did not believe in any type of a higher power. I told her it wasn't up to me but I would ask permission and allow for the highest good for him. I explained that I could give unconditional love and the universe (God) handled the rest.

I placed my hands on him and the healing surge started again even stronger so I just sent the energy through his left arm and shoulder, as it was the only area not wired to a monitor. I may have stood there for approximately two or three hours then the energy flow began to ebb and I knew that I was finished at that point. I than excused myself to give her a little privacy with him and went to the cafeteria to sit and have some water. I went back in approx. 30 minutes to check on my friend and the room had three nurses working on the gentleman.

In 30 minutes, his fever dropped to 101 and he came out of the coma so they were disconnecting most of the equipment. The rest of the night he slept normally all of the bile purged itself out of his system and by the next morning he was back to his normal may I say without judgement -self at which point my friend retreated quickly from his proximity and his reach. The couple did not live happily ever after together. My friend is creating a new life for herself. The learning was in seeing the effect that the Reiki Energy had on the husband. The doctors said he had no chance and that he was going to die. But in a matter of less than 6 hours even though he had and still has no belief in God, Reiki, Spirituality or anything else he cannot see.

I guess the energy believed in him or maybe he believes that I believe. He did mention that he heard me asking permission and he remembered seeing himself take hold of my hand in a dream. He just couldn't figure out how I got into his dream he absolutely can't stand me and what he calls my "witchcraft." Of course I truly can take none of the credit for what happened but I truly know that only a higher Universal Life force energy could have assisted him and I know that the doctors and nurses were expecting the gentleman to die. Reiki works in its own way and I have never been other than (well) just a little surprised at what happens sometimes.