Osteoporosis Pain Healed

My mother is a very active 80 year old. She has severe osteoporosis and lives with this pain constantly. She is not one for pain pills, so she endures the pain until it is intolerable. Living several states away, (as a Master Reiki Practitioner) I am not able to give her any hands on Reiki treatments. However, I do try to send long distance Reiki as much as I can.

On one of our trips to visit her, she was suffering with her pain terribly. I offered a Reiki session, and she welcomed any relief. She stated that there wasn’t one area on her body that did not have pain. Along with that, she also was trying to cope with the pain of a breakout of Shingles which had localized on the posterior side of her right thigh. As she could not lay down on any flat surface, I conducted my session while she sat in a rocking chair. I was skeptical at first, not thinking she would be able to relax at all in that position.

I finished her total body session in one hour. Several times during the session she had fallen sound asleep and was breathing very slowly and deeply. During her session I could feel more and more heat in my hands. In fact, the intensity of the heat traveled up to my wrists and to the middle of my forearms! The palms of both my hands were bright red! I had to awaken her when the time was up. She said that when she woke up, she had zero pain anywhere! I was amazed. She also said that she was calm and relaxed and had a feeling of well-being throughout her body! She is the most receptive person I have ever experienced.

Throughout the remainder of our visit, she remained pain free (two more days). After we returned home, a couple of weeks went by then I called her. She said that she had been totally pain free without pain medication since we had left, and that only a slight amount of discomfort had started one to two days before I called. I believe in Reiki as a relaxation, as well as a self-healing, treatment.