Normalizing Thyroid

Dear William: My daughter-in-law's doctor discovered that her thyroid was enlarged. He did a test and the test came back normal, however the thyroid was still enlarged and quite firm. After two Reiki treatments, which included using a blue stone on her thyroid, she developed a horrible cold that lasted only two days and it was completely gone. I gave another Reiki treatment and after the treatment, I felt the thyroid and it felt like a sack filled with water, not firm like before. (she said that during the treatment, she felt like vomiting, but fought the feeling) The next morning, she vomited and had a bad bloody nose. When she got to my house that day, her neck was exactly the same on both sides, no enlargement on the left side whatsoever, and her thyroid continues to feel and look normal in appearance. I believe that this is truly a Reiki miracle.