My Reiki Healing Experience

I want to share my experience with practicing and teaching Holy Fire as well as its role in my life since the ignition two years ago. First, as with Usui Reiki, Holy Fire became a part of me and how I live my life. My sessions are so much more powerful, and they go a lot faster than before, as we expected. I have worked on people who had never experienced Reiki, and they could not believe the warmth and peace they felt. As for people who were my clients before, they felt the difference right away. They expressed the power and warmth that was much greater than before; half of them now want to take the Master class.

I find that manifesting with Holy Fire is much more fluid, and sending it to situations is a lot more effective.

I continue to share and teach, and I thank you for being the vessel and teacher to bring Holy Fire Reiki and refining it for us. I have a Mary Magdalene meditation CD that also talks about imagining Holy Fire entering you—I bought it in Glastonbury!!! Wishing you magic and peace