My Experience as a Healer


In June 2017, I learned Reiki Level I, and my journey began. I started practicing on myself, and then one by one, I learned each next level of Reiki, continuing until I completed the Master level.

It has now been 3.5 years, and I provide Reiki on demand.

During my sessions, I feel very satisfied and grateful to those who give me the chance to help them heal. I have done Reiki for relationships, for health, for financial growth and business growth, and to promote positivity and reduce depression. I have two clients who come for continuing healing for business and life, and they both have a more blissful life compared to before they started receiving Reiki healing.

Since I learned Reiki, I experience lots of changes in myself too. It’s hard to remain sad for very long, or angry or negative. Reiki is such a blessing.