The Loving, Healing Power of Reiki

I have seen the miraculous power of Reiki—from the utter transformation of my own mind and body, to the awakening of so many precious students from the attunements, to the healing of the bodies of those I've been able to serve. One story in particular sticks out in my mind. I recently moved to San Francisco from upstate New York. I was having a hard time being there—little money, no place to call home. I met a woman who offered her home for me to stay in. We would "trade." I would do work for her, and she would provide me a free place to live. I started to practice Reiki on her weekly.

Reiki affected her PROFOUNDLY. She began to get in touch with memories of her youth when she received communication from an angel when she found such a mystical reality in nature. I saw the light of her blooming heart in her excited eyes as she journeyed into the spiritual aspects of her life she had forgotten or left behind. Also, she began to heal physically and mentally. Whereas she had found herself needing to take Ritalin for her "A.D.D.," she says that she rarely has to take it anymore.

An ankle problem that persisted for weeks was healed completely in one session. And then, just the other day, she informed me that she was having MAJOR back pain—she had taken six to eight extra-strength Ibuprofen just so she could get through her day. She had no time for an in-person treatment, so I offered to send her distant Reiki. In the process of sending Reiki I could sense her pain deeply rooted in her aura. I even felt a little discouraged but I tried to be focused and do what I felt guided to do without concern for the outcome. I called her after the treatment, and she said she felt "uplifted." We discussed other treatment options as she was considering chiropractic. I told her to follow her intuition and to allow the healing to unfold. When I spoke to her two days later she said the pain was pretty much GONE.

Over and over again I am amazed. I have attuned my new friend to level one and right away she began to offer Reiki to friends of hers. She was so ripe to receive this gift in such a space of openness and readiness to accept it.