Ligament Healed

I was on my annual trip to Acapulco, Mexico, for New Year’s. On New Year's morning, during the last gasps of the New Year's party (approximately 5 a.m.), one young Mexican man slipped on the marble floor where it was wet and really hurt his leg. His friends took him to the local hospital. He came back and had not broken his leg but had torn his ligament, which is potentially more serious.

I placed my hands around the injured area on his leg just above his knee. Immediately my hands began to heat up. I would shift positions around, but it was clear there was some serious energy flowing through my hands. He said it felt very warm and tingly. I kept at it for roughly twenty minutes when suddenly what felt like a bolt of lightning went through my hands and into his leg. It was not in any way painful but shocked both of us, to where I pulled my hands away and he jumped. We looked at each other, and he said, “What happened?” I told him I honestly didn't know; I had never experienced that before. What happened, as near as I could figure after speaking with other Reiki healers, is that the injury was fairly substantial and the healing energy simply wasn't going through fast enough. So it apparently was a “bolt” of healing energy that shot through me into his leg.

I asked him how he felt and he said the pain was almost gone; it was no longer throbbing and stabbing as it was before. He profusely thanked me and said it felt so much better. After that, I gave him twice-daily Reiki treatments, although no more bolts went through me. The hospital had told him it would be an eight- to ten-week healing period. I heard later through our host in Acapulco that his injury was substantially healed in five weeks, according to his doctor in Mexico City. Again he passed on his thanks to me through our host and said that he was telling everyone he knew in Mexico about Reiki healing and how it helped him. I was very proud of this healing experience and learned very much.