Life Transformed

I want to thank Annie and Jerry my Reiki teachers for the life-changing retreat I attended. I especially am thankful for being introduced to meditation and Reiki. I am faithfully using both daily and the impact on my life is incredible. For the first time in years, I am truly calm. Yet I am experiencing a new energy that is productive and healing instead of stressful and agitated.

I no longer use sleeping pills to fall asleep, and I awaken naturally to the serenade of birds instead of the jolt of an alarm clock. It is hard to describe the overall sense of well being I now feel. I still face daily issues that previously would send me into a spin. Now, I am learning to accept them and allowing the balance in my mind, body and spirit to move me forward. I know this is a result of practicing Reiki. I may not yet fully understand how or why it works, but right now, thats not important. As I continue to learn and practice, I know I will understand. For me, believing in the power of Reiki is the beginning to being whole again.

As a recovering alcoholic, Reiki is a gift. Alcoholism is described as a disease of the mind, body and spirit. This practice is my medicine. I am healing. I feel it in my brain, my heart and my soul. The security of knowing I have this incredible gift will keep me on my path to wholeness, peace and joy.

I look forward to returning to Harmony House and deepening my understanding and commitment to utilizing the gifts you so lovingly have given me.

Thank you, my friends!