Knee and Fear Healed

I would like to share a personal anecdote regarding a miraculous experience that my mother had with Reiki over this weekend. I am writing on her behalf since she is not well versed with the English language. My mother was suffering from acute knee pain for the past couple of years which made simple movements like going from one room of the house to another a great challenge. Yesterday she took the Reiki I class from Master Kumud Bothra and to everyone’s awe she was able to smoothly walk from the time she woke up in the morning today. Not only that, she was able to take the staircase to the third floor of Master Kumud’s house for the Reiki II class without her knee cap! She said her knee trouble has subsided 80% since yesterday. Also, she had a problem of being filled with fear whenever she stays alone. This fear too seems to have subsided miraculously. One day with Reiki and what an amazing experience!