Kidney Stone Dissolved

I got a call from my 22-year-old daughter early one morning. She could barely talk and was doubled over in excruciating pain and not able to move. All she spoke was "Mom, please help." I began to panic not knowing what was happening with my daughter. I knew that there was no way I could get to her fast enough that would serve her well since I live approximately 30–35 minutes away. I could hear in her voice that something was seriously wrong and she needed help fast. She was home alone with my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson!

I called my sister who lives just a few blocks away and asked her to please go to her that she was in serious trouble and needed to get to the hospital immediately. The hospital being approximately eight blocks distance from both my daughter and sister's house. By the time they reached the hospital she was nearly unconscious from the pain. I was on my way. By the time I arrived she was in the back of the ER still in excruciating pain and not able to move or talk, lying on her stomach. They had taken a urine sample, which revealed large amounts of blood. I began praying requesting and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit and all powers that be of the One Most High, including all arch angels & all ascended Reiki masters.

Once I felt myself within the light, completely engaged, I began. I immediately went to the lower-mid part of her back, which was just radiating, almost as if someone was holding fire under my hand! I saw a vision of what appeared to be a miniature version of a kidney, however, clouded and grey. I began to see this within my minds eye slowly being dissolved and breaking down. It began moving in an upward motion. I continued extending healing for about 105 minutes. At that point, she cried, "Mom, please stop it hurts"! I was reminded that spirit has no concept of  our human pain. I stopped. After 10–20 minutes later she said, "Mom, what did you do? The pain is going away." She was able to move and the pain began subsiding. She went to use the bathroom again and they had her using a filter to see if anything was being released.

Sure enough it was a kidney stone that had mysteriously began dissolving and was passing all toxins! Her body was raked with bacteria, however, the kidney and what was, is no more! The Power of the Holy Spirit and All That Is, when invoked, believed with all-knowing is ministered to our side and utilized within each of us when we so choose it to be that way! God and His healing, the Powers of All That Is, the Creator's Divine Love manifest miracles and healing. Thanks and praise to the healing, mercy and grace extended.