I was Healed As I Treated Another

I was on my way home to meet with a woman that was coming to me for her second Reiki session. A half-hour before she came I fell outside in the most stupid way and hurt my elbow badly. My mother was visiting me and is a doctor looked at the wound and said that I had to reschedule my client and go to the hospital immediately because the hole was all the way to the bone in a way that it could not close by itself. Even though I could hardly move my hand something inside me told me that I should keep my appointment in spite of my mother’s advice. The minute my client lay down I could feel a tingling in my arm and without it even hurting me a bit I went on.

After twenty minutes I started to feel a very strange and strong tingling in my hand that seemed to be moving towards my elbow from many directions inside myself then a very strong feeling that my hand was white, very white. This went on for 10 minutes and then it was gone. The client felt as good as ‘ten horses’ (in her own words) and went happily home after we had a long talk.

After she left I took the big bandage from my elbow and lo! there was nothing wrong with it. It actually looked like it would have after two months of healing! My mother and husband didn’t have one word and I, even today, have a hard time grasping it. I thank the divine and send love to you. All the world is a better place every day.