How I Found Reiki, or has It Found Me?

During the month of April, five years ago, I was going through a bad time in my life. I had done everything I could to put my life in order. I had used up all the options I had available, based on all the knowledge I had acquired. One day, I requested something of two wonderful Masters I have in my life. One of them is Jesus Christ, and the other is the founder of a philosophy school I attend in my country. What I did was to imagine them by my side, and I said, "Please, you know how hard I've been trying and that I have tried everything I could to solve these problems. I do not ask you to solve my problems for me, for I was taught otherwise by you. I only ask you to show me, or present me with a tool, a means, a technique, or whatever I can use to solve them myself, thank you." Right after, the month of September came to my mind. I just wondered why and dismissed the thought as a fantasy of my mind.

The months passed, and in August, my boss advised me I had one month vacation time to take during September that year. I had totally forgotten about it and agreed to take it. I decided to spend my vacation at my sister’s home, as she lives far away from me. So, I booked a flight to my sister's for late September.

My nephew came to the airport to pick me up, and when I got into his car, he said, "I am going to attend a course, and I want you to take it with me, and want you to say yes." So I said "yes" and asked, “What course?" He said that it was Reiki and asked whether I knew what it was. I said I had a faint idea about it and asked him to explain. He explained, and I found it interesting. We took the course together, and I loved it. I did all Reiki levels, but it was only when I attended my Level II class that I remembered the request I had made to my dear Masters. And, yes, Reiki indeed helped me to solve all my problems and is still shaping my life to even higher and better levels.