Hospice Healing

A friend of mine had lung cancer and when I found out about it she was already in the hospital. The doctor's held no hope and she was dying when I and another friend arrived. She was in a lot of pain and the nurses were contacting her family to come and make arrangements. A matter of hours they said. My friend and I started to use Reiki over the area where her tumor was and then proceeded to do a full body. She said the heat felt so good to her because she had been so cold. We stayed about an hour and realized her aura was very close to her body. The family came and we left to give them privacy. The next day we went back and she asked us to do "whatever it was we did again" she said she slept like a baby and had no pain. The first time in months. We gave her another treatment. The nurses saw what we were doing and closed the door to give us privacy. She sat up and spoke for a little while then fell asleep as we continued treating her. The next day I went back to see her and my heart sank; the bed was empty. I asked where she was... (meaning which funeral home) they said she went home. I could not believe it. I found her at a home of one of her friends who asked us to give Reiki treatments to her because of a bad back. We did this gladly since she was taking care of our friend. My friend eventually passed (two months later) but not in pain and fear in a hospital bed but in a home with people who loved her by her side. I treated her with Reiki energy until it felt like she was ready to go forward. She had no fear... and no pain and it was a tremendous blessing for me... one I will never forget.